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Blue & Green Chiffon

Fabric: Chiffon & Raw Silk
Color: Blue & Green
Details: Chiffon two tone shirt Blue and Green with delicate zardozi hand embroidery on full front. Heavy embellishments on neck and daman mostly in silver using tilla, rafia, threads, crystals, sequins and beads. Finished with silver pipin.
Trouser/shalwar: Pure Crepe Silk embroidered on bottoms.
Dupatta: chiffon dupatta in blue and green has sequins spray all around .
finished with silver pipin.

Emerlad Green & Grey

Fabric: Silk & Jamavar
Color: Emerald Green & Grey
Details: Pure Silk Stand/Mandarian collar shirt, embroidered on full fron, heavy embellishements around neck and embroidered floral motifs all around front of the shirt. Embroidery is done mostly using kora, threads, rhinestones/crystals and with touches of sequins and beads. Embroidery pattern is floral.
Trouser/shalwar: Pure silk jamavar trouser in grey.
Dupatta: chiffon dupatta in grey with green pipin on edges, small florals embroidered all around dupatta.

Ferozi Banarsi

Fabric: Pure Banarsi (4 Threads weaving)
Color: Ferozi, Rust, Green
Details: Ferozi banarsi shirt appliqued with rust and green banarsi fabric, full front embellised with fine Royal Zardozi embroidery using Dabka, Kora, Sequins.
Trouser/shalwar: Churidar type ruched trouser in Rust Banarsi fabric.
Dupatta: Organza dupatta tye and dye and embroided.

Green & Gold

Fabric: Banarsi & Jamavar
Color: Green & Gold
Details: Pure Banarsi shirt in Dark Green , finished with shocking pink pipin on neck, daman/hem, & sleeves. Embroidered on neck and shirt hem/daman using sequins, pearl shaped beads, kora, tilla, & swarovski crystals.
Trouser/shalwar: self jamavar churidar in gold color.
Dupatta: Banarsi chiffon dupatta in shocking pink color embroidered on borders and finsihed with green pipin.

Green & Pink Banarsi

Fabric: Pure Banarsi Jamavar
Color: Emerald Green & Shocking Pink
Details: Pure banarsi Jamavar shirt in emerald green embroidered on Neck and daman (hem) using mughal floral and geometrical pattern, embroidery done with traditional zardozi stitches and materials. Embroidery is done with using twisted kora, naqshi, crystals/rhine stones, sequins, and beads.
Trouser/shalwar: Pure Banarsi Jamavar.
Dupatta: Banarsi Chiffon Dupatta embroidered on borders and motifs spray all around, shocking pink banarsi pipin on edges.

Light grey Jamavar

Fabric: Jamavar
Color: Light Grey
Details: Pure Jamavar Nehru/Sherwani Collar shirt embroidered on full front with very fine zardozi hand embroidery using threads, kora, Rhinestones/crystals sequins and glass beads & Red pipin on shirt.
Shalwar/trouser: Pure Jamavar churidar. Dupatta: Pure crinckle
Dupatta: jamavar chiffon dupatta with golden zarri weaving

Maroon Banarsi

Fabric: Pure Banarsi Jamavar
Color: Maroon
Details: An Elegant and Timeless Piece made with Pure Banarsi Jamavar, shirt in maroon split round neck, appliqued in green on neck and embroidered. Eembroidery outfit has very intricate Zardozi embroidery in mughal floral pattern using very delicate stitches using kora, kamdani, threads, crystals, naqshi, sequins etc.
Trouser/shalwar: Pure Banarsi in maroon color.
Dupatta: Banarsi Chiffon Dupatta embroidered on Borders and Green pipin on the edges.

Maroon Chiffon

Fabric: Chiffon & Raw Silk
Color: Maroon
Details: Chiffon shirt fully lined with Raw Silk, appliqued around neck with gold silk and embroidered full front with kora, dabka , beads.
Trouser/shalwar: Rusched caprice trouser in Raw silk. (can be changed to regular trouser).
Dupatta: Chiffon dupatta gold pipin on edges and embroidery motifs on borders.

Peach Silk

Fabric: Crepe Silk
Color: Peach
Details: Pure crepe silk shirt in Peach, Embroidered on full front and Back using sequins, tilla, threads, and rhine stones. Embroidery pattern is floral. Turquoise Pipin on neck, sleeves, Side silts.
Trouser/shalwar: Pure Crepe Silk trouser embroidered on Bottom.
Dupatta: Plain chiffon dupatta embroidered with sequins spary all over.

Pink Banarsi

Fabric: Pure Banarsi Jamavar
Color: Pink
Details: Pure Banarsi high neck shirt embroidered on neck & Sleeves. Sleeves embellished with beaded motifs, golden pipin on sleeves and neckline edges. Embroidery done with Kora, crystals, and beads.
Shalwar/Trouser: Pink Pure Banarsi shalwar with golden zarri weaving.
Dupatta: Pure banarsi jamavar dupatta has small floral weaved in golden zarri, and golden pipin on borders.

Silvery Grey

Fabric: Katan Silk & Pure Jamavar
Color: Rustic Golden
Details: Shirt embrodied around neckline,front, back (Daman) hem and on underarms thorugh chalks. Sequin spray on full front.
Shalwar/Trouser: Banarsi Jamavar shalwar embroidered around painchas.
Dupatta: Chiffon Dupatta embroidered motif on pallus and embroided stripe on borders. This outfit is embroided with pure zardozi work more emphasis on Dabka Kora and small crystals. Suitable for formal and special occassion.

Turquoise Banarsi

Fabric: Pure Banarsi
Color: Turquoise & Orange
Details: Pure Banarsi Shirt appliqued in orange on neck and hand embroidered using fines zardozi work, using naqshi, dabka, sequins, glass beads and swarovski crystals.

Turquoise Banarsi

Fabric: Pure Banarsi
Color: Turquoise & Red
Details: Pure Banarsi shirt (weaved in golden banarsi floral wine) in turquoise color appliqued in red on neck and shirt hem/daman and embroidered with zardozi hand embroidery. Embroidery is made using gota, badla, kora, threads, swarovski crystals, sequins and beads.
Trouser/shalwar: Pure banarsi pajama/shalwar.
Dupatta: Banarsi chiffon dupatta in red floral motifs embroidered all over, with turquoise pipin on borders.

Yellow Jamavar

Fabric: Jamavar & Crepe Silk
Color: Yellow
Details: Pure Banarsi jamavar shirt high neck style, embroidered on neck and sleeves in zardozi embrodiery using kora, Rhine stones/crystals, sequins & Beads. Ferozi/turquoise applique on sleeves and embroidered. Red pipin running on neck and sides.
Shalwar/ trouser: Pure crepe silk trouser side zip fastening.
Dupatta: pure chiffon dupatta in yellow and ferozi / Turquoise shades.


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